American Classic Wide L. 29" Disc TL

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DISCIPLINE MTB Cross Country | Enduro
RIMS MTB Wide Lightning Tubeless Aluminum Disc Rims 29”
SPOKES AC 14/15 gauge Spokes Black | AC Aluminum Spoke Nipples Silver | 32h 3-Cross Front and Rear
WEIGHT FRONT 727g | REAR 842g | PAIR 1569g
HUBS/SPACING FRONT Disc 130 100mm | 15mm Thru Axle Disc 100mm | 9mm Thru Axle Disc 100mm REAR Disc 225 135mm | 10mm x 135mm Thru Axle Disc | 12mm x 142mm Thru Axle Disc REAR SPLINE Shimano/SRAM 9/10/11 or Sram XD
BRAKE INTERFACE 6 Bolt International Standard
LOOK/COLOR AC Black Rims with Gray Hubs
INCLUDED AC Tubeless Tape Installed | AC Tubeless Valves

Award winning tubeless rim system has proved to be a magical combination of light weight as well as strength, stiffness and control. The tubeless rim is light and at 32mm wide x 22mm deep. It is wider, stiffer and supports the tire better for improved ground control. This translates into quick acceleration, more speed over rolling hills and mountain goat climbing. The wide rim keeps the tire from rolling around resulting in more control while descending. Bead barb technology hooks on the tire bead to help keep the tire in place without burping. Driven by vision and created by hard work, Bill Shook brings innovation to reality to boost your performance racing and training.